The feeling you have when you wake up after the first night on the Trans-Siberian railways is endlessness - a good feeling of endlessness. It is like you have just get adjusted to a rhythm, a good rhythm, and you know this rhythm is going to last for a long time. In a life time, or even year, 8 days is not much at all. But today, thinking about the 8 days a head of us – in this rhythm, gives a good feeling of endlessness. I want this to last, I think. Another part of me asks, how long, and what when do you get bored? I have no answers for this. Right now I only know that to be here is relaxing and that here it is allowed to relax and I want to relax, just here. After we have prepared the journey updates for the web site, that is, of course! The challenge is what to write now. It is tempting to become personal. I am travelling with a scientific journalist. We have developed our reporting style, and this is not personal. But this rhythm invites to personal reflections. Will this be reflected in our reporting? Will we remain unattached by the rhythm of the train and calming feeling of endless?

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