Kyoto City encourages tourists to reduce emissions by using train and public transport


November and beginning of December is the when most tourist come to Kyoto. People come from all over Japan and from all over the world to to admire the wonderful blossom of the marple trees.

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The tourists are warmly welcome in Kyoto, and the Tourist Information in Kyoto knows how to handle the logistial challenges:

"No need to take time to think which season is the best for your Kyoto visit. Kyoto offers various attractions anytime in a year with its cultural and historical heritages. However the city is terribly crowded during the high season of tourists and main sightseeing spots have terrible traffic jam of private cars. It causes trouble for both tourists and local Kyoto people. What about coming to Kyoto by public transportation like trains, buses and taxies and take your time walking around the historical city? Several transportation companies offer free or discount tickets. Take those nice tickets and enjoy relaxing time. What is more, this is good for environment to stop the green house effect. Please take public transportation for sightseeing Kyoto."

From the web site of the Kyoto Tourist Information.

View online : Kyoto Tourist Information.