DB’s Energy Saving and Climate Protection Programmes have set the course for CO2 reduction on the rails. By the end of 2008, DB had reduced its specific CO2 emissions of its train operations by 40 % compared to 1990 levels.
DB’s vision for the future is to offer a competitive and completely CO2­free rail transport – for freight and passengers.

Within its new “DB Eco Program†, DB has set the goal to reduce its specific CO2 emissions by 20 % between 2006 and 2020. This target includes not only DB’s rail activities but also its worldwide air, road and sea transport services.

As part of the Climate Protection Programme, DB will increase the proportion of electric power generated by renewable energies. In 2008 the share of renewable energies in the DB electricity grid was 16 %.

DB’s clients can also contribute to climate protection: for business clients and freight transport DB offers CO2­free products – the DB EcoPlus. By choosing the CO2­free offers the customers are guaranteed that the electricity that is needed for their journey or for the freight will be entirely supplied by renewable energies.

More details can be found on DB’s website:

In this framework, and under the umbrella of the “Train to Copenhagenâ€
campaign, DB is carrying out a number of initiatives:

  • Event Ticket: Between 1st November and 20th December 2009 DB will offer a CO2­free return ticket from any train station in Germany to Copenhagen. The fare is 89 Euros for 2nd class travel and 139 Euros for 1st class. It is valid for travel at all times, including at night.
  • DB Mobil: the DB customer Magazine “DB Mobil†will publish in its November edition six special pages on climate change and the Train to Copenhagen.
  • DB Homepage: Information about the Train to Copenhagen project is available on the DB Homepage in German and English.
  • Launching event 20th October: DB is planning a joint event with UNEP at Berlin’s main station. The idea is to persuade travellers to sign the “seal the deal†online petition and to use the UNEP stamping station. At the same time DB wants to present the Train to Copenhagen project and the CO2­free offers from DB.
  • CN­Network: DB will soon join the Climate Neutral Network initiated by UNEP. Membership of the CN­Network will strengthen the climate protection commitments from DB.
  • Exhibition on energy efficiency in the Diesel House on 7th October in Copenhagen: a DB member will present the Train to Copenhagen project.
  • DB CityNightLine is organising, in cooperation with the Swiss SBB, a special train for the Swiss delegation on Copenhagen.


UNFCCC: DB works in close cooperation with the UNFCCC with regard to the event ticket. The CO2­free event ticket to Copenhagen is not the only activity between DB and the UNFCCC. In the context of previous UNFCCC meetings in Bonn DB had offered special event tickets with preferential conditions for participants.

Ministry for the Environment: Furthermore DB is examining possible cooperation activities with the German Ministry for the Environment. The ministry has already expressed its/an interest in travelling to Copenhagen by train and promoting the DB event ticket