Love story 1


The first love story was given to us in Vladivostok, just before we departed. It is a dramatic story about love that ran away with the Trans-Siberian railway line many years ago in 1933.

A young boy and a girl fell in love. Her parents refused to accept him. To stop the love between the two young people from growing, her parents decided to help her to find the right man. To be sure their daughter played the part they had planned for her, her parents decided that she should get married to the man of their choice that very summer.

Our young lovers saw no other solution than to run away. But her parents had already foreseen this possibility. Her father, who held a quite influential military position in his region, made sure that there was no way of escape. He had the roads blocked and the port guarded, and was sure his daughter would thank him for it one day.

But a few days later he received a postcard from his daughter. The postcard told that the couple were happy and fine – and married - in a town far from Vladivostok. The father had forgotten to guard the Trans-Siberian railway. The couple is still alive and together to this day and it was their grandson who told us this love story about his grandparents. Thank you, Alexander!