Overview of the Trans-Siberian journey - seven first days


Dear Reader,

Thank you very much for reading this! We hope you find it interesting to follow us during our journey from Kyoto to Copenhagen, and especially now on the Trans-Siberian Railways. To help you keep an overview of our journey, we here give you a quick overview of what we have done during the first seven days thanks to the Russian Railways. You can see more details posted elsewhere on our website.

21 Nov (Day 1): Leaving Vladivostok

Distance to go: 9288 km

Temperature: -12 Celsius degrees

WWF waves us off

22 Nov (Day 2): The journey has begun

Distance to go (from Khabarovsk): 8521 km

Temperature: Morning: -25 Celsius degrees

Temperature: Night: -52 Celsius degrees

We adjust to the rhythm of the train and life onboard – and get to know each other! We are seven people travelling together:
Olga, Ivan and Eugene from the Russian Railways, Rebecca and Roberto from Italian TV and Richard and Margrethe, International Union of Railways

23 and 24 Nov (Day 3 and 4): Slyudyanka, Lake Baikal and Irkusk

Distance to go: 5185 km (from Irkusk)

Temperature: -2 Celsius degrees

Excursion around Lake Baikal, including ferry journey and visit to the scientific institute monitoring the life of Lake Baikal
Meeting with local Russian Railway environmental experts and representative for the Siberian Railway University
Press conference in Irkutsk

25 Nov (Day 6): The journey continues

Distance to go: 4098 km (from Krasnoyarsk)

Temperature: - 5 Celsius degrees

The landscape is changing. It is becoming more flat and there is more forest along the line. All is covered with snow.

26 and 27 Nov (Day 7 and 8): Novosibirsk

Distance to go: 3335 km

Temperature: - 2 Celsius degrees

We welcome Ludmilla from UNEP to our travel team
- Meeting with leader of the local Russian Railway region and local government
- Interview with little Ludmila (10 years old) who won a UNEP drawing competition about climate change
- Visits to a railway mobile emission control laboratory and one of Russia’s 24 railway schools for children.

28 Nov (Day 9): Yekaterinburg

In Ekaterinburg

Distance to go: 1816 km

Temperature: - 5 Celsius degree

Programme 28.11:
Waste water management, museums, guided tour in the city