The Netherlands

The Copenhagen Express will make the journey from Utrecht to Copenhagen on
12 December, taking with it members of the Dutch delegation who will be participating in the high level sessions of the Climate Change Conference. Chairing the delegation will be Dutch Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer, who will be joined by high-level representatives, members of the Dutch parliament, delegations from the most prominent Dutch NGOs and representatives of youth organisations.

The Dutch campaign will be launched in November by the CopenhagenCoalition, a joint working group created by Dutch NGOs for the environment, nature protection and society. The group, of which NS is a partner, plans to urge the Dutch delegation to make as big an impact as possible at the conference. It calls for support in relaying messages to the Dutch delegation, the most important of which will be displayed on the Copenhagen Express.

The campaign will culminate in a large public event called Beat the Heat Now ( to be held on 12 December in Utrecht and is likely to attract between 20,000 and 40,000 people. The event will blend political debate and commitment/involvement, music and other entertainment, climaxing with the departure of the Dutch Environment Minister to Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Express will make the journey during the night of 12
December, arriving in Copenhagen on 13 December. It is expected to return during the night of 19 December, arriving back in Utrecht the following day.

NS will start its own campaign on its website on 5 December, which will feature the train from Brussels to Copenhagen. It plans to hold a children’s event on 7
December, aiming to introduce measures to improve its environmental performance, have a presence at the event Beat the Heat Now and on the Copenhagen Express.