The travel team - Why are we here?

- Roberto Laurenzi, Italian filmmaker and musician (under 50)


Before I want to see the real world. I want to meet other people and cultures. At the end of this experience I want to let the future generation know about my opinion of this time. Because Inthink there is no message for everyone because we are the message. Our lives and the way of our lives is a message.

In this way I want to break every barrier between me and other people and I think the best way to do this is to use the railway. So this is the reason I’m here.

And my message to you - don’t be afraid.

- Rebecca Vespa, Italian TV presenter and writer (under 30)


I join this great adventure because I love to experience new culture and reality and because I like to document them in order to share them with others. The aim of this project is such a high one I share the fact that we have to invest in sustainable transpire like railways and I hope in Copenhagen leaders will do something about climate change - though transport and renewable energy.

- Olga Ogorodova, Communication Manager, RZD (under 30)


I was sent to accompany the group to translate, guide and provide any help that the group requires and to solve any organisational problems as they appear. I’m usually office based creating press releases, helping with advertising campaigns and with the other varied requests for information and help that come into our office. So if a film company wants to use a train as a set for example, I’m the person who would organise it.

- Eugene Slebuhin, Senior Expert - International Relations Department, RZD (under 30)


I was sent to make your trip successful, fruitful and to deal with any problems. My boss told me I was to come and accompany a foreign delegation from Vladivostok to Moscow. I was glad to have the opportunity to see some more of my country. He told me he would be content if everybody arrived in Moscow station happy, healthy and content on the first of December.

- Ivan Shapovalov, Photojournalist, RZD (under 40)


My role is to take photos [1] about our mission. These photos will be used on the RZD web-site, our twenty different newspapers, magazine and on our web/satellite TV channel. Because RZD employs around 1.3 million people our ’in-company communication’ is in reality more like an external media operation.

- Richard Scrase, Environmental Journalist (under 60)


How do you discuss the problem of climate change and solutions in a way that can interest and engage people? UIC’s decision to have a team travel to Copenhagen by train is a great hook and I was very happy to be asked to join them. I’ve been reading a green history of the world by Clive Ponting. He describes how one human society after another have over-exploited their environment causing their demise. From Easter Island to the first literate peoples of Mesopotamia, Clive chronicles the end of civilisations. Our world civilisation will go the same way as all previous civilisations unless we cooperate in our mutual survival. This train journey is one small contribution to that effort.


[1We learnt Ivan has had photos published in New York Times, Independent and GQ