Accepting it


Accepting nature versus technology...

Our plan was to report regularly from our symbolic journey. As we are about eight hours ahead of our colleagues in Paris we even though we could provide them with daily updates freshly served up to them in the morning. We brought the necessary technical equipment, we thought, including a G3 mobile phone. But should we want to be completely connected to our daily lives while travelling through the remote reaches of the Trans-Siberian railways “ even if we could be? Well anyway, we are not!

Our stories and photos are stored in the train while they wait for the next point of internet connection. In the beginning this was a strong stress factor, we admit it. We are not delivering as planned. However, after a day or so we thought, what can we do? We have found the solution. We have accepted that we are actually travelling the world’s longest railway journey and that through an enormous world region. We are here and now and have to accept the rules given. We can not force technology through forests and landscape that have been here forever. It is nature versus technology. The experiences along our journey will get out when it is possible. Accepting this made it possible to become one with the rhythm of the train again, and make the very best of this journey.