Love story 2


This love story is from this summer. It happened between two young people working onboard the Trans-Siberian railways, Vladimir and Olga. Olga was one of two young women working together for the train manager (who told us this tale but wished to remain anonymous). Both young women noticed Vladimir, the young mechanic on board. According to the train manager both girls walked around with sparkling eyes.

Vladimir chose Olga. But they were at work and they knew they were only to work together on this journey, so they both claimed it was not serious. And at the end of the journey when their ways split, they both claimed only to be friends – nothing more.

Two months after this, Olga decided to change her life, she decided to leave the railways, to find a new job and build a new life. In order to organise this, Olga had to hand in some papers in Novosibirsk. To go there she took the Siberian Railways. Vladimir was working on this same train. They had not had any contact since the summer, but discovered during this new journey they would and could not live without each other. Olga decided to stay in the railways and to work the same shifts as Vladimir.

Just two weeks ago the same train manager of the train where Olga and Vladmir first met received a phone call from Olga. Vladimir had asked Olga to marry him. The train manager is the person responsible for our train now and she ended the story about Olga and Vladimir with “rail connects people and destinies†, and added that she is looking forward to receiving the wedding invitation.