SNCB and SNCB-Holding

In the context of the forthcoming Conference of Parties in December (COP15), the Belgian railways (SNCB and SNCB-Holding) are involved in various activities. As part of the national campaign, an event organised by NGOs on 5th December near the European Parliament and at the train station Brussels-Luxembourg. A second event planned in Belgium is the departure of a special train organised to transport NGOs to Copenhagen on 12th December.

SNCB and SNCB-Holding is currently implementing a wide range of activities.
In September (20/09 – 25/09) the Brussels Central Station hosted the Seal the Deal campaign, organized by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), which aims to gather support to reach a comprehensive global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December.

Two weeks before COP15, SNCB will continue its communications campaign thanks to the following elements/initiatives:

  • balloons visually show the difference in CO2-emissions between cars &
    trains for their customers in different large train stations.
  • Brochure: Extra information for their customers on the basis of the IC- toolkit
  • “Climate office†in different SNCB-Holding train stations: info for customers (brochure + Ecopassenger) (to be confirmed)
  • Article in Metro (free journal)
  • Message on train ticket to thank their customers for choosing an ecofriendly way of transport.
  • Messages in trains by train staff to thank their customers for choosing an eco-friendly way of transport.
  • Collaboration with NGO’s (Belgian Climate Coalition): film The Big Ask Again will be shown in different train stations on huge screens. In this film the train will be mentioned at the end as a way of climate friendly transport. (to be confirmed)

More details can soon be found on the SNCB website http://www.b- and on the SNCB-Holding website