The FS Group has always been leader in the transport system growth process in Italy as well as in Europe, giving a significant contribution to a sustainable territory development, respecting its historical, environmental and social peculiarities.

FS actively contributes to the environment protection targets expected by 2020, thanks to a number of initiatives constantly involving the different companies in the Group on energy efficiency, optimization of resources consumption and reduction of pollution.

In July 2009 FS signed an agreement with the Ministry of Environment on climate changes mitigation without penalising economic growth and technological innovation, while protecting the environment. This agreement is part of the larger programme called "Patto per l’Ambiente , involving eleven major Italian Enterprises, which has been promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Environment.

According to the Agreement, FS contribution will focus on:

  • Consumption reduction
  • Energy production from renewable sources
  • Definition and implementation of guidelines for railways infrastructures design and construction reducing carbon footprint and lowering energy consumption.

FS directly participates to the Climate Express from Brussels to Copenhagen on 5
December next; during the 12-hour on-track conference, within the High Speed session, FS will illustrate its ongoing activities on environment, also connected to the completion of the high speed/high capacity rail network Torino-Salerno.

Please visit the environmental section of FS website for more details, including the Eco-Passenger tool and the link to