SNCF demonstrating its commitment to the Train to Copenhagen
campaign by:

  • Uniting VIPs from various backgrounds (political, environmental, etc.) on board the Climate Express
  • Endeavouring to convey the message of the (train to Copenhagen) campaign and encouraging people to follow the symbolic train from Kyoto to Copenhagen in the SNCF media, including via:
    • TGV Magazine: 300,000 copies (December issue)
    • TER Attitudes: 100,000 copies (January issue)
    •, websites of the subsidiaries and YOUTUBE: 300,000 visits a day
    • 200,000 SNCF staff in the group (SNCF in-house newspaper, radio and Intranet)
  • Organising a journey from Paris to Brussels on the Thalys to enable the French SNCF delegation to join the Climate express,, with the potential participation of SNCF’s Chairman
  • Participating in on-board workshops on the implementation of the Grenelle Law and on eco-friendly freight transport

Last but not least SNCF will make the most of COP15 to express its views and talk about its projects.