The Finnish railways (VR) are participating in the Train to Copenhagen campaign at national level. Planning has started and the main themes of the campaign have been defined. Implementation has partly begun.

The main target group of the Finnish campaign is potential and existing train passengers. The campaign is expected to attract a certain amount of press coverage.

The objectives are to:

  1. Remind passengers of the environmentally-friendly aspects of train travel
  2. Thank the train passengers for choosing the train
  3. Encourage them to continue using the train in the future
  4. Encourage them to say good things about train travel to their family and friends
  5. Raise awareness about VR actions to cut carbon dioxide emissions

How is VR achieving their goals?

  1. TV advertising: a film that challenges the audience to think about ways to stop the climate change in addition to train, TV advertisements will be broadcasted before the conference
  2. Internet: there will be a website where people can send their ideas before the conference; the site will be used to follow the conference and the decisions made
  3. "Climate trains" from Helsinki to Turku, Lahti and Tampere. Passengers on board will be given small gifts and discount vouchers to thank them for choosing the train
  4. Station events in Turku, Tampere and Lahti to promote winter and VR’s lapland trains
  5. Press releases

Advertising nationally on TV/national TV advertising, climate trains and station events in Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti and Turku will also be included in the/part of the campaign.

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